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PC & Mac Repair

The Computer Studio has a team of technicians, experienced in laptop repair in our East Grinstead & Crowborough workshops.

All repairs and upgrades covered, from liquid damage and screen replacements to RAM upgrades and software issues, we can get you back up and running in no time.

Our Common Laptop Services

  • System cleanup
  • Malware & Virus removal
  • Software error  troubleshooting
  • Internet & wireless trouble shooting
  • Ram upgrades
  • Hard Disk upgrades and replacement
  • SSD upgrades
  • Keyboard replacement
  • Fan replacement
  • System reinstall
  • Internal cleaning
  • Liquid spillage cleaning & repair
  • Battery replacement
  • Power issue trouble shooting
  • Screen & cable Replacement
  • Hinge & casing Replacement
  • Failing hard disk data recovery
  • Hardware & Software RAID setup & repair


Is your laptop slow, crashing, Windows not starting up?
We can troubleshoot these issues and get you back to normal in no time.
From no power to software issues, our diagnostic technicians will find the problem and solve it for you.

Data Services

Moving to a new PC or laptop?  Or migrating from a Mac? We can help transfer your data.

Lost or deleted data, failing hard disk?  We have many years of experience in data recovery and can get your data back.

Disposing of an old machine?  As well as data recovery, we also offer data destruction.  We can help back it up before destruction too!


Does your laptop require more RAM or more storage space?

Larger Hard Disks fitted, with all data moved to the new drive, just as it was but with more space!

Need more speed?  SSD upgrades available from £80.

Most types of RAM stocked, we can check the maximum for your system and supply or fit what is needed.


We regularly maintain many of our customers laptops and notebooks.
Our usual service includes:

  • Internal cleaning to solve noisy fan and over heating issues.
  • System tune up to speed up your machine.
  • Virus and malware removal and security upgrades.
  • Battery replacements.

Have a custom request?  Get in touch we are always happy to help.


So, you broke it!  No problem, we can fix it.

Our every day laptop jobs include screen replacement, keyboard replacement, damaged dc socket / charger port replacement, snapped hinge repairs and more.

We also specialise in liquid damage repairs.

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