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Data Recovery

Don't Panic! When Lost Your Data

When problems with drives occur, whether they are internal or external, you need to get it to us so we can inspect the issue and best advise from there. Typically in-house data recovery costs start from £100. If we have to send your drive away to a professional recovery specialist who’ll rebuild the drive in a clean-room environment then the initial cost is £50 (non-refundable).

How long does it take? Data recovery isn’t a quick process, the whole of the drive needs to be scoured for data – and it could be in any part of it.

Solid State Drives (SSDs) are harder to work with depending on the damage thats affected them. This includes NVMe and M.2 drives. Typically these require specialist firmware rebuilds to extract the data from the chips themselves.

Apple Macbooks newer than 2017 also pose more of a challenge as their drives are physically part of the internals of the machine and therefore non-removable. It is important to note that even with these machines data recovery is still possible but very expensive.

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