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Shops in Crowborough & East Grinstead

We stock a large range of products, from PCs, laptops and printers to ink, paper, keyboards and mice. Just stop by or call for any questions regarding our range.

Apple, PC & Laptop Repairs

Our workshops can handle anything from the smallest tasks such as clean & tune-ups to screen and component replacements. Specialists in both Windows & Apple repairs, we can help no matter what IT problems you may encounter.

Repairs At Your Home Or Office

Technicians are on standby for your computer repair needs. Just call and book a time, we can have an engineer with you to repair minor or major problems, anything from upgrades to broadband issues.

Apple Mac Repairs:
Trained & experienced in repairs & servicing on Apple devices. We offer support, upgrades, advice & repairs. No job too big or small, call for more details.

Microsoft Windows PC & Laptop Repairs:
Trained & experienced in Windows & IT repairs & servicing, we offer support, upgrades, advice & repairs for your PC, Laptop, Network or Printer. No job too big or small, call for more details.

Who Are We?

Located in the towns of Crowborough & East Grinstead, The Computer Studio not only sell PC’s, laptops, printers, inks & peripherals, we also repair & maintain PC systems & networks from our instore workshop or at your home/business.

Why Choose Us?

We understand the importance of the computer systems within your business & how any downtime can be more costly than just the price of repair!
We also recognise that your home PC is one of your most important communication devices.
With this in mind we ensure that our staff are knowledgable, experienced & passionate about the work & will get you back to work (or play) as quickly as possible.

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